Monday, July 04, 2005

Stream of fire - wonder who's unlucky hand it was? Posted by Picasa

Muahahaha, finally got Guan Lin on camera! Posted by Picasa

The big gang playing "Cluedo". Posted by Picasa

Shadows of Peng Siang and myself. Posted by Picasa

Jun Kai's fire masterpiece. Posted by Picasa

Glendon, Shen Siong and Eugene tending to the fire. Posted by Picasa

Eugene our arm wrestling champ! Posted by Picasa

Shen Siong arm wrestling with Jun Kai. Posted by Picasa

Jun Kai arm wrestling with Shen Siong. Posted by Picasa

Foony and Huang Fang eating noodles the disgusting way. Posted by Picasa

Foony caught on camera with her noodles - the ugly way! Posted by Picasa