Friday, February 08, 2008


I am a horse.

I've been on the move all my life. I've never settled in a place, and looking forward for the next few years, I'll not be settling in a single place. After this pasture, I'll be moving on in search of greener ones.

I am a stubborn horse.

I do things my way, at my own pace, without regard to external direction. If someone tries to steer me elsewhere, I make a turn in the opposite direction to continue on my path. My pastures are more important.

I am a lonesome horse.

The ranger upon my back does his own thing, doesn't interact with others when unnecessary, but prefers to contemplate and think. I do what the ranger does. When there's no herd, I run alone, enjoying the moments of solitude, taking in the scenery, without regard to others. The ranger contemplates.

I am a beta horse.

Where the herd goes, I do not go. I stand aside, waiting for danger, looking for the next pasture, seeing where the best place to go would be. I don't call to them, I wait. When the leader rests, I take the herd on, till the leader is next ready.

I am a contemplative horse.

I think, and look to the sky. There's more to this horse than the grass on the ground. I see the clouds, the sun, the stars, the moon. There is no limit to where I can go, I can prance to the moon, dance to the stars, sing to the sun, gaze to the sky. 

I am a lonesome horse.

Nobody follows me, I do my own thing. Nobody is willing to follow me, for I do not do what most do. Nobody really knows me, because I spend my time looking up, not down. The conversations are on the ground, where the grass is. My thoughts are in the sky, where the grass isn't.

I am a horse.