Sunday, February 13, 2005

Missing Love?

It transcends missing her. Somehow, I don't.

I told her that yesterday, over MSN. Though I enjoy her company, I don't long for it after we part. Could it be that the bond between us has strengthened, to the point that we know, so well, that the love is there, even though we're not physically together? I wonder.

I won't miss you. I'll love you.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

I sent her home

Yeah, I sent her home, up to her gate today.

Her brother was at the door to receive her. Wow. To think I did the great leap forward, and decided that I'd risk my back, just for her. I feel great, right now. No particular *greatness* to talk about; just great. As if I had this wave of enlightening realization overcoming me.

Somehow, I guess it's because I've survived the visit to her house, and then finally managed to muster the... energy, I'd say... to send her back home. Well, in all, it just feels good. I can't describe it.

Oh ya, I guess that by now, her brother knows. Ah well. Their family should know by now.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A photo of a decorative item I took at Chinatown on the eve of the New Year. Posted by Hello

The New Year

At last, the new year has dawned upon us.

As I rise at 9.00 am in the morning, I look around me, and all I see is my bedroom. The feeling's the same; groggily, I climb out of bed, and head for the master bedroom, where I say, "Good morning" to my mom and brother. But today, I add in a special line, "xin1 nian2 kuai4 le", and the day changes dramatically.

Oh! And to think I actually have 6 SMSs that came in overnight. From 6 different people. This rocks. Record breaking. Didn't think of this as being possible before.

Oh well, not enough time to do this typing.


Look into the mirror, and what do you see?
Yourself, your heart, your mind, or me?
Can you hear the beat of life around?
Or do you watch life like a movie without sound?

Think and think, ponder and ponder,
What may come out, when we wonder?
The rhythm of life continues forever,
Reflect we must, a change for the better.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Jar of Stars

green ones
red ones
orange ones
pink ones
yellow ones
blue ones

i shake the jar of stars
i see the stars jump about, pop about,

they are for her. a special one, one who

shines like a star in my heart,
makes my heart thump with life,
brings life and light into my mind.
can you read my mind?
have you heard my heart thump?
or do you view me as a star,
out in the night sky,

just there, shining for you
in the dark night,
everlasting light to shine the way

in the abysmal gloom of shade?

look here, tilt your head to me,
o'er the tumultous bridge of time i've come,
vested in me, a gift i've come to bring to you;
entrance, i make, into the shelter of your heart.

you are to me, that star in the sky;
o'er the trials and tribulations that may come,
undying love, may we hold true.