Saturday, February 05, 2005

Jar of Stars

green ones
red ones
orange ones
pink ones
yellow ones
blue ones

i shake the jar of stars
i see the stars jump about, pop about,

they are for her. a special one, one who

shines like a star in my heart,
makes my heart thump with life,
brings life and light into my mind.
can you read my mind?
have you heard my heart thump?
or do you view me as a star,
out in the night sky,

just there, shining for you
in the dark night,
everlasting light to shine the way

in the abysmal gloom of shade?

look here, tilt your head to me,
o'er the tumultous bridge of time i've come,
vested in me, a gift i've come to bring to you;
entrance, i make, into the shelter of your heart.

you are to me, that star in the sky;
o'er the trials and tribulations that may come,
undying love, may we hold true.

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