Sunday, April 23, 2006

Funny sun.

The northern hemisphere. Such timeclocks are so much stranger than at the equator.

It is 8.06pm here, and the sun is just setting. Imagine if it were in summer - that's like 10pm! And in winter, it's 5 pm and the sky's already dark. Gee, man, I love this variation.

A third good news!

Mr. Loi is getting married!

Check it out! Wishing him life-long marital bliss!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Double Good News

It appears that Friday was such a blessed day! I found my bike (albeit missing some parts... that costs me $225 to repair and put back at the SUB...), and I received my admission decision from UBC - accepted! Haha... well, it was a walkover, as Aunty Mei said. Still, after a month of lingering in limbo, I've managed to be accepted to somewhere, and it's a pretty good place too (UBC, to me, is Canada's 1st for Science in Microbiology, 2nd for Engineering, and 4th overall [4th is according to Maclean's ranking].) So it's a pretty good place to be!

Now, I must admit, I'm pretty excited to stop working at Dairy Queen and focus on being a full-time student. HOWEVER, I've offered to help the boss with designing his website for the store, because he's been such an inspiring and extremely great boss. So that'll keep me in contact with them for a while. Still, it's great working for them, and I hope I can complete their website soon.

Right... gonna pick up my bike now...

Friday, April 07, 2006


My bike was stolen! NO! I wonder how it could have happened.

Never mind, there's no more me taking things for granted. Especially safety and security. I'm keeping my things safe and secure. No matter how trusting others may be, I'll adopt red-code security everywhere I go. This is the new me.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Plan to Help the Homeless

Today, as I walked past this homeless guy on Broadway & Granville, an idea crossed my mind. Since the harmonica is a musical instrument easy to play, and is also one of the cheapest around, why not sponsor a program to provide harmonicas to the homeless, and ask harmonica players to volunteer to coach them so that they too can busk on the streets and earn their own money? Now, wouldn't that be such a nice idea?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Good Ship of Matrimony

Today, I witnessed Sam and Katrina's wedding at Fraser Land's church. Indeed, their friends and helpers have put in so much effort doing up the decorations. The church didn't get a total face-lift, of course, but seeing how intricate the decorations were was enough testimony to their meticulate assistance. They went through the regular rites of marriage, and then, during a short speech to the crowd but more importantly, to the two of them, the pastor told them about their marriage being a voyage, a ship to set sail on its own, independent of their parents' ships, but always within radar of each other. They'll meet up with each other at times, perhaps dock at ports of paradise together, but they are to be a separate unit from their parents.

Well, all in all, I wish them the best!

By the way, I've already received a committment from Sam for an invitation to his new place where I'll cook up a storm for them for dinner. Hehehehe...