Saturday, April 22, 2006

Double Good News

It appears that Friday was such a blessed day! I found my bike (albeit missing some parts... that costs me $225 to repair and put back at the SUB...), and I received my admission decision from UBC - accepted! Haha... well, it was a walkover, as Aunty Mei said. Still, after a month of lingering in limbo, I've managed to be accepted to somewhere, and it's a pretty good place too (UBC, to me, is Canada's 1st for Science in Microbiology, 2nd for Engineering, and 4th overall [4th is according to Maclean's ranking].) So it's a pretty good place to be!

Now, I must admit, I'm pretty excited to stop working at Dairy Queen and focus on being a full-time student. HOWEVER, I've offered to help the boss with designing his website for the store, because he's been such an inspiring and extremely great boss. So that'll keep me in contact with them for a while. Still, it's great working for them, and I hope I can complete their website soon.

Right... gonna pick up my bike now...


minghan said...

Congrats :)

Eric said...

Thanks, Ming Han!