Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Plan to Help the Homeless

Today, as I walked past this homeless guy on Broadway & Granville, an idea crossed my mind. Since the harmonica is a musical instrument easy to play, and is also one of the cheapest around, why not sponsor a program to provide harmonicas to the homeless, and ask harmonica players to volunteer to coach them so that they too can busk on the streets and earn their own money? Now, wouldn't that be such a nice idea?


choops said...

Hmm... I like that! Doesn't take much time to learn to play either... but who's going to sponsor it?

Shikha Choudhury said...

thats a nice thought eric but if you ask me i'd think that the total net cost involved in getting the homeless to be accomplished harmonica players will be much more than the net income the homeless can hope to have through such a means...besides how can you tell for sure that all homeless folks have an ear for music ;)