Friday, October 07, 2005

Following my own path.

So far, I have lived 18 years not trying to fulfil my parents' expectations but my own expectations - what I want, and what I desire. I hated being forced to play the piano, no matter how much my mom tried to brainwash me that I had a talent for it - so I quit it. But I loved playing the harmonica - so I learnt it on my own. Years later, without coersion, I picked up the piano on my own again. I love learning - but only that which is based on my own motivations. I prefer to have the freedom to choose my path, and live by my own interests and passions.

Yet, all around me, most of my classmates are driven simply by what their marks show - they argue with their teachers for marks, I refuse to do so; they say that marks are the most important thing, I refuse to believe so, for what I have internalized is more important than what is reflected in my transcript. Their parents push them hard - tuition classes after tuition classes after tuition classes plague their schedule. I refused tuition, even when my mom advised that I needed it, because I would rather look for a teacher, who would be more capable than a tutor. After all, tuition teachers are generally paid 'nannys' to look after helpless students who need some extra discipline and blocks of time to do work. I would rather do work at my own pace, and I would tune it to follow with my school's curriculum pace.

Just a few random comments from a pensive mind.

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