Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Today, I met with Meng Kit, my primary school classmate. And oh boy did I catch up with a hell lot more people than just him.

At McDonalds was also Hong Kin, who went to VS and VJC, and then there was Jonathan Kwong, who went to ACS(I) and ACJC. Then, I also heard of the rest of the gang... Ben Sim, Yeow Kheng, Jeffrey, Adriel, Alvin Chee and Tay, Kanthaan, Linesh, Sriram, Vignesh, Krishin, Jonathan Yeo, Michael Tay. Gosh, the lot of them. All of them. MK's well-updated, at least on where who went.

Cheers to him. And his physics too. =)


Michelle said...

Eric, hi, was just surfing when i found ur blog. Not bad man!

Eric said...

Thanks alot for leaving your comment! Do check back to my blog often!

Anonymous said...

heyyy!! jonk here. how are you? where is everyone?! haha. i'm in the army now eric. and i miss you. hope to see you soon man. God bless!
jonk. aka. jk. your basketball teammate and good friend from sajs

Eric said...

Hi Jonathan!

Great to hear from you man! I hope things have been going smoothly in the army for you.

Anonymous said...

eh wadup. i'm actually out of the army now. in medical school. contact me! smartjonkwong[at]hotmail[dot]com