Monday, January 23, 2006

Yet another break-off... Canada's General Elections

So the elections are over, and lo and behold, the Conservatives won. DARNED! If I had a chance to vote, I'd pick NDP or Liberals any day. Well, I guess the Conservatives won because they had both the right strategy and the right timing. I hope the Liberals can take this defeat to be an opportunity to strengthen their party and straighten out their politics. Indeed, 12 years in power may have made them complacent, so this defeat should be a nascent reminder of the fragile power balance that used to be.

Given a chance, though, I hope the NDP also comes out stronger. Having two progressive parties in control would definitely keep Canada moving forward, rather than backward. Hm. Backward. That's what "Conservatives" sounds like.

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Mridul said...

So you too use openoffice too, great!
My mother had a dream like yours that the mail man has delivered a white simple letter (rejection) from MIT. While I dont think about MIT anymore (going by my father's advice), this suspense can kill!
And everybody dreams what he's gonna do after reaching MIT. do you? cause I do. Dream streaming just starts anytime, nobody can control it.