Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where God Leads

So today, UBC had a power outage. Most of the buildings were hit, and I decided to go in search of power. After all, I'm like an electricity addict.

I started with the LSC. Lights on, but no power. Then I went to the SUB/Gage area. No power still. Then I tried the Village. Power was on, but there's no place to sit.

Finally, as a last resort, I went off to Regent College. That's where electricity was on, the library was open, and there were plenty of empty slots for sitting.

If I were to think of this symbolically, then God's path is always the best. I tried the things of the world, but they didn't work. The place was filled with people, all enjoying it and being merry. The road there was wide. But to Regent, the road was narrow. Few followed it, myself included, until I found that the wide road was undesirable, and that the narrow road was left - the only route that could be walked.

The Path is just amazing.

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