Sunday, March 06, 2005

Talentime 2005

Talentime 2005 has finally ended! But since I've already penned my thoughts down in another article, I shall copy it over here instead.

It is a letter written to my two co-MCs, Regina Tan of 04S70 and Lim Xinyi of 04A14. Both of them were terrific and superb MCs, and I think they handled their content better than I did for my own.

Anyways, here's the letter.

Dear Regina and Xinyi,

I must say I’ve had a great time working with the two of you as MCs for Talentime 2005. It definitely was an experience going through all the rehearsals after rehearsals after rehearsals with the two of you.

First of all, I must say thanks for working so well with me, because I know myself to be quite bad at working with others. You two’ve been very patient, especially when I go all flustered and worried (ahaha, the episode on stage where I forgot my cue cards bear testimonial to that).

I never thought our script could go from being structured and standardized to becoming filled with lame episodes (which, unfortunately, didn’t always attract the crowd’s attention). I guess that we needed a little while on stage to warm up, because I think I saw the crowd also getting the gist of our jokes after a while too.

Oh yeah, kudos to the two of you for carrying out the 奶粉episode so well! If you asked Huiru at backstage, you’ll hear her telling you about how I told her, “Yes, yes! Desired effect – achieved! Yes!” You two pulled it off great!

Haha, come to think of it, I think I also stunned the crowd with that split. Another desired effect. =P

So, what do you two think of the performance? I found it great, and, surprisingly, a group won rather than a soloist! Haha, to think we were discussing how it would be a soloist who would win the overall champ. My gosh, I was really shocked when I saw the contents of the golden envelope.

What I think was most memorable about Talentime 2005 was that moment when the crowd wanted an encore. Haha, I remember hearing Huiru go, “This was totally unplanned. And now Lijia is screaming in my ear.” Now that is what I call real comedy.

Oh, and special thanks to both of you again, for covering up my slips. I still can’t believe how blind I was to go backstage to change, only to find Charmaine Loh downstairs before I had even finished folding my clothes! And I was like, “Oh no! A performance is so short?!” You two were great at that part!

Hrm… Now I wonder, have you two gotten your Talentime 2005 shirts? Oh ya, and I hope they give us a copy of the video that they eventually produce. I’d really want to see myself again, and examine my own flaws. Haha… And I definitely want to see what I looked like doing that split.

Specially to Regina: Thanks for checking my tie so many times, and being so chirpy and jovial backstage. It definitely lightened my mood.

Specially to Xinyi: Thanks for coming up with so many ideas for the script, especially on how to adapt it on that day itself. I think it definitely saved us a lot.

I’ll never forget rushing backstage to quickly change, attempting each change in under one minute. =P And how I actually took longer than the two of you to change! ARGH! XD.

Well, I guess I’ll end the letter here.

Wish you two the best, and hope we have chances to work together in future.


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