Thursday, September 15, 2005

Stupid, selfish me.

Perfect. Now I've lost Jin Guan's watch.

How I should have known better, than to simply irresponsibly leave his watch on the class bench, enclosed in a box made out of the school magazine paper. Stupid me. I simply forgot that nobody would be looking after the box, and that there would also be a chance for the box to get thrown out by the cleaners.

Yes, and it was confirmed later yesterday when he buzzed me over MSN, and asked me about his watch. I asked if there was anything on the class bench, but he said nothing. And it was then that my biggest fears were confirmed - I had lost a borrowed item.

Now I'm going to have to wiat till mom comes back, before I can leave for school and start searching for his watch in - nowhere else but - the recycling bins. That's the most likely place that his watch would have been thrown into. Sigh... After that, it'll be to the lost and found, before I finally can sit down at the hui suo and do my Bio paper 3.

Gee, so much for learning about responsibility.

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