Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Fun Night Out

Well, well, well... it seems that me, the non-party animal, the non-night-owl, the lover of the bright daylight and detester of the dark night scene, just enjoyed a night out with TUNA, a cell group of Fraser Lands Church.

Sam's Big Day is coming soon, just in one week, and so the entire group prepared a surprise party for him and Katrina. And because I usually come with Sam, I guess they didn't let me into it either. Haha...

But we all went out, after teasing the two of them, of course. We had dinner at this Japanese restaurant in Richmond, and then played Lazer Tag. Hahahaha... I'm not so bad at it after all! I managed to rack up 36,000 points, and in the end, my team (Reds) turned out to be the champs of the night! But still, I was ranked 8th of the 10 of us who played. Not bad, considering I had not played this for such a long time. Oh, and thank goodness we didn't play PAINTBALL instead!

After that, we all went for bubble tea, where the other guys had a major conversation about marriage, love, and commitment up till 1.30am. Gee, and I slept on my chair halfway through. Didn't catch much of it, though. Still, it wasn't that bad. I learned from Sam about one thing - love can be at first (or 2nd) sight, but when it's there, you know it straight away. To quote "I Knew I Loved You" by "Savage Garden", 'I guess it's intuition| Some things you just don't question| ". Oh, and as Sam prepares for his marriage, I have to prepare his wedding gift. It'll be a quantum leap, I believe. One day your single, the next day you're attached, and the third day, you're married. It was just less than one year for him. I'm surprised, mostly because of the speed of it. Then again, THAT BIG GUY UP THERE [=)]works through mysterious ways, so I believe that Katrina's the one HE brought to Sam.

To Sam: Clint told you, "It's gonna be a lifelong commitment." But I'm sure you'll be able to make it a fulfilling and gratifying lifelong commitment. Both you and Katrina are able to do it, and I have confidence in the two of you.

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