Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And now my own heartbreaker

So I received my results, and it's 3As, 1B, and an A2 for GP. To think I was expected to actually get an A for Chemistry, and not B... when I called Mrs. Tham, she said she expected that I would get an A, not B. And Miss Heng sent me an e-mail, telling me not to be too sad about my A2 in GP. Both teachers expressed confidence in my capabilities, something I won't forget at all - one for a weak subject, and one for a strong subject.

It's okay, things are fine, except that I recognize the realities in front of me:
  • Likely, I'll be saying "bye bye" to MIT and Caltech. It's time to go to UBC now. Still, I'll take a hopeful stab in the dark - hopefully the application to either one of them will turn out positive.
  • Science One application won't look as good anymore, but hopefully I'll be able to write an impressive essay. 3As and 1 B... Gee.
  • Once I go back to studying, it'll be no more working for me - just purely studies and athletics. I won't try to handle all 3 at one go. Just go for the best in whatever I focus on.
Congrats to the rest of my classmates who made it through with 4As. Especially to Xiuzhen and Changfang - Xiuzhen, congrats for getting a B3 in your GP! (Hope my help helped. Er. What a statement.) And Changfang, congrats for getting the perfect score! =) May all things go well for both of you in future! (Same to the rest of the class too... haha!)

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