Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Canada's Heartbreaker

Canada 0-2 Russia

We lost, yes, we lost. A shocker for the Canadian men's Ice Hockey team, an upset made by the Russian Federation. Poor defence and unspirited attack by our team; I witnessed it all on TV. After a score-less first two periods, the Russians had a lucky goal 1:30 minutes into the 3rd period, and that boosted their morale. We could have had one equalizer, which showed up very evidently on the goalie camera, but the referee blowed the whistle because the puck went out of his sight. No goal. 3 power-plays for Canada, but none with a goal.

Aptly put, it is a heartbreaker. We, the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Champions, who returned as defending champions, return home empty handed.

Never mind. 2010 will be our year. Canada's Ice Hockey team will return home with double golds for mens and women's Ice Hockey.


On another note, our men's Curling team will face the Finns in the gold medal final. I hope Brad Gushue will thrash the Finns the way his team did to the Americans.

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