Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian. Yes, Proudly Canadian.

"When one athlete stands atop the podium, the whole nation stands higher."

"As Canadians, we're generally unassuming. We don't brag a lot, even though we have tons to brag about."

These lines from ads didn't come from the government as propaganda. These lines came from Canadian companies and corporations - Canadians themselves. It wasn't socially-engineered to be patriotic to our nation - we have it in our national anthem, and we have it in our blood.

When I heard (on TV) the national anthem being played after the Women's Ice Hockey team beat Sweden at the gold medal playoff at Torino, I was filled with emotion, surging through my entire body. I could identify with the pride that the Women's team had for their country, plus all the Canadians supporting the team at the finals. It was so spontaneous. The anthem started playing, and suddenly, every Canadian in the seats stood up and sang the anthem with tons of pride.

We know our anthem, even though we don't sing it every morning as students. We sing it with pride, even though we're not told to. We never get tired of it - because we have so much to be proud of.

I'm Proudly Canadian.

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