Monday, April 30, 2007

Last night in Totem Park

I wonder how many times a year I get to be this philosophical, and most importantly, with enough free time on hand to write entries like this.

I recall the first day I moved into Totem Park. I hated it. It totally lived up to its reputation. It was a party house, a drunkard's haven, a slum to live in. Showers looked old, shower heads were leaky, floor was rowdy... the list goes on. I was determined to be the sober guy around.

But I realized how different things could be once I tried to integrate. People with similar thoughts were actually around. Graham Beebe, a fellow man with equal amounts of thoughts about life, popped by my door one night and just said hi. We chatted a bit, and the parted for bed. I never realized we'd have more in common than we thought.

The rowdy nights carried on. I remember blasting at my floormates thrice in a night, with a nerdy scream, "For the nth time already, SHUT UP!!!". I would come to a revelation with this screaming at my floormates at the end of the year.

I remember discovering other Sci1-ers in Rez, particularly Rachel, Sirim and Sally. Of course, there was American Phil, Kaylen, Breanne moving in during the 2nd term, Nathan, and Yana (forgive me if I forgot a few!). Study parties at my place, late-night jamming sessions, and then going to class bushed out and tired.

I remember how the 2nd term flew by, all with the musical rehearsals, and RezSC. Not to mention working, school, and trying to keep myself sane. I guess I did.

I remember how I promised my floor's guys one night that I'd take a sip of alcoholic drinks, and they ended up giving me a shot instead, with some coke to chase it down too. I also recall rejecting Sirim's alcohol pushing, wanting to keep myself the sane and sober guy.

I remember how big the musical was, how great and professionally put up it was, and the friends who came to support the five of us Sci1-ers in the musical: myself (chorus), Matt (scarecrow), Sirim (bassist), Rachel and Sally (pianists). Our musical, The Wiz, was to be the last musical ever performed in that commonsblock. It will now be renovated, and the memories will last only in our photos and the video.

Finals came, esp. for 2nd term. I composed the song Science One Days, a parody to Yesterday by the Beatles, and asked people at 2 am in the morning (right before chem finals). A crazy night.

Tonight, the guys on my floor are drunk and getting rowdy. But I chose to lock myself in my room, packing, prepping for the next step, moving to Fairview Crescent.

I guess with that much havoc going on outside, I'd better stop and move on. Bad start turned into good memories. I figure this'll be how I remember Totem Park in 2006/2007.

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