Sunday, August 13, 2006

What I Did And What Happened To Me Today

I'm tired from soccer, work, and the morning service at UC, so I'm gonna keep this brief.
  1. Went to UC for morning service. Made it just in time. After everything, I asked Junning to play what he learned from his friend at St. John's College, to see how much progress he made. Then I attempted to play Flight of the Bumblebee at a regular pace. Made it once, then fingers slacked off.
  2. Rushed to work to make it at 12pm. Quickly got in my work clothing, and onto the floor.
  3. Sold one PC, monitor and a pack of DVDs to a lady who wanted to buy one. She eventually selected a higher-end model, rather than a lower-end model, after I listed out the advantages of keeping your computer future-proof. Oh, and not to mention, one ESP scored.
  4. With Aaron and Brett's help, I sold an Epson photo printer to a guy who came with his family. Coz it was a demo model, Aaron gave it to him at $99.95, plus the ESP at $9.99. (Scored another here.) Had to hunt high and low for half of the AC adaptor (-_-")... Eventually grabbed one from the Tech room instead.
  5. Introduced a couple to the world of digital photography. I gave them a run-down of what to look out for when buying a camera, wrote it all down, and gave it to them. I also introduced the ESP to them, to highlight to them the peace of mind they would get if they bought a camera at Staples. They commended me in front of Aaron! Yay!
  6. Introduced another couple to the world of internet communication. They came in wanting a microphone, but I eventually managed to get them to take a look at webcams instead. Then we had a long, long talk about Singapore. I really wondered how it got that far. Hahaha...
  7. Dashed home after work, to get my laundry out. Then I folded the colored clothing first, and decided to quickly dash to UHill to play soccer. They were almost finished playing, but for my sake, 7 others decided to play on. (So nice of them.) So 4 on 4, I didn't score a goal (too tight to play), but this time, I managed to do a fake on the opposing defender. Perfected it this time. But alas, we let in two goals, so we had to go topless playing for the rest of the 20 odd minutes. Hahahaha...
In conlcusion:
  • 1 piece played well
  • 2 sales
  • 2 ESPs
  • 4 great conversations
  • 1 superb soccer fake.
In short, another good day.

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