Thursday, August 31, 2006

Younger than what you think

Hoho.... I met a Staples customer at the Granville Island Market @ UBC Marketplace, and chatted with him about the new laptop bag that he purchased. Then, the question popped out - where do you live? Okay, so I said, "I'm living on campus just back there at the University Apartments, but I'll be moving to Totem Park soon."

Guess his response:

"Are you an advisor?"

In my head, I'm thinking, what?! Me? I'm first year man!

"No, actually, I'm first year, gonna do science..."

Hoho, I seem older than I really am, so I'm younger than what you think. Then again, I'll be one year older than the rest in my class.


drey said...

You? look old? He must be kidding. Maybe it's your demeanor more than your looks ;) Mature in perspective and actions... not bad. *laughs* Or maybe it's because you know so much about computers.

Eric said...

Perhaps the illusion is that I look mature. I figure it's all an illusion... There are times when the facade cracks, and reveals the real me inside.

drey said...

Well all of us feel childish and inadequate at times. It's just that we can't help but have an inner core that's vulnerable and idealistic and innocent and yearning of love and companionship - and it'll never go away. It's one of the beautiful things in human nature, I guess. At least, that's just my opinion. That we'll never really "outgrow" these feelings, and indeed should not.