Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How suggestive can things get?

(Disclaimer: for the sake of drama, some parts have been added and deleted. Please use discretion, even though the entire study party night itself was quite dramatic.)

[Curtains open]

[Eric walks into Charles' room. Karen, Cindy and Josephine are inside, in addition to Charles.]

Eric: Charles, how's things man?
Charles: Not bad.
Eric: Do you mind if we share the bed, since the girls are on the floor?
[the girls]: uhhhh.....??
Charles: Yeah, why not?
Charles: So what will we be doing tonight?
Eric: We'll be exploring forces and motion. Very fascinating subjects.
Charles: Ah, yes. Rotation ya?
[Eric and Charles are on the bed, engrossed in physics.]
Cindy: Hey look at the two of them - they're getting so chummy on the bed.
*laughter from everyone*
*laughter persists*
[Eric and Charles suggestively cover their mouths in close proximity of each other]
Josephine: Hey, where's your camera, Charles? Where's your camera? Oh there it is! Quick, snap a shot!
Josephine: 3, 2, 1. (pause) Eeeeewwww!!!!

{It's day 2, and we're in the Chem lab, finding lab benches:}
Eric: Charles, where's bench 5?
Charles: Right there... Oh, we're next to each other. High five man! Hahahaha...
*Eric and Charles laugh and laugh...*
Eric: Hey Josephine, Charles and I are next to each other.
Josephine: What? No!! Now I have to endure the sight of you two together...
Mark: Which bench are you at, Eric?
Eric: Bench 5. Charles is at 6.
Mark: Oh! I'm jealous...
Eric: Cindy, Mark is jealous that I'm at the same bench as Charles is and he isn't.
Cindy, Kaylen and Breanne: Uhhh....
Breanne: And it's like there's no girls involved in it...

Oh man, this is going to be one of the biggest classic internal jokes going around. I still can't remember my brilliant puns from the study party at Charles' room, though... hahahahahahahahahahaha....

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