Sunday, September 03, 2006

No more restaurant eating

I learned a very important lesson about culture shock this evening.

Rather than go back to Totem for dinner, I decided to eat out with Richard after work. We went to the Japanese restaurant upstairs, and for me, having been at restaurants very, very infrequently, I forgot all about tips and service charges. Turns out, I was totally shocked when the waitress asked me if I wanted my change, because I had paid $10.13 for my dish which was $6.63 after taxes, so I naturally was expecting some change back. I didn't realize that she obviously thought I was some extremely generous customer... -_-"... Anyways, I asked for my change back, but after Richard reminded me about tips, I decided to forgo half of the change, and accepted $2 back. After all, they had given me some band-aids for my cut on my thumb, which I foolishly got when unpacking my stuff.

Anyways, the big things is this: No more restaurant eating.

Hmm... but then again, that dinner with Richard, and having eaten at that restaurant, really lifted my mood. It wasn't a drab day after all. Hmm... food for thought... the effects of restaurants... (that's me thinking aloud...)

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