Thursday, December 21, 2006


Okay, some random thoughts.

Working at Staples is getting really fun. Dan's an excellent consultant who gets the team sales going really well.

I'm a bit tired, though.

Swimming last night brought such a great feeling to me today. I think I'll go again tomorrow after work. $3.25 is a small thing to pay for that feeling... and staying in the pool for 1.5 hours felt awesome. The muscles feeling slightly fatigued, then rested for 8 hours in bed... nothing can beat that feeling right now.

I need to get down to making more bookmarks...

Cheap headphone's aren't that bad after all. $15 for a pair of Sony headphones with great sounding bass. I'm gonna try out Croatian Rhapsody on my comp...

Okay. That's it. Updates for the sake of updates.

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