Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thoughts at work on a rainy day

It has been raining pretty badly these few days. Well, badly compared to the relative heat that has been scorching over Vancouver. But I must say, it has been a refreshing change... if the heat of the day is bad, then rain must be a good thing.

I've been in the lab reading, cleaning, pipetting, running gels... to many, it sounds boring, because it's so repetitive. But I'm enjoying it a lot. I have my own cell culture to maintain -- it's like keeping a pet! -- and I run PCR gels for other people in the lab. I do want to get trained in other areas though, like doing an actual PCR for myself, making single-cell suspensions from tissues, and best of all, sorting. Cell sorting. But I guess it'll take me about 2 months to be able to do that.

Like I mentioned before, I hope that within the next month or so I can prove myself worthy of being able to carry out my own project independently. It would be something I'd just love to do.

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