Thursday, May 25, 2006


I have been converted. I now know what Mac I need, not want. I used to want the MacBook Pro, only because it was the only Apple portable to have the latest Intel processors, but the price was, well, overkill for a student like me. Here's why:

I don't imagine myself doing any 3-D modelling anytime soon (I'm just an undergrad after all!), so I won't possibly need the 256MB graphics card in the MacBook Pro. And I'm not risking showing off a 17" Widescreen monitor on my laptop, that's for sure. (My bike being stolen is proof enough that I've got good stuff in my hands already... don't need to go for the best all the time...) In other words, 13" is good enough, for I've found out that on my laptop right now, I only ever use OpenOffice Writer and Calc, Firefox, and MSN Messenger. Oh, and not to mention iTunes, and Palm Desktop (for my Palm). So based on my usage as an 'average' user, and not an 'advanced' user, I'm most suited for the 13" MacBook.

Now, a matter of pricing... I found it's cheaper to buy it in Canada, even after all the 14% taxation that we get. Somehow, the currency exchange rate favors us here. I save around $20-odd buying it here. And hey, $20 is money too, and though I don't worship money, it's good to be prudent with it.

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