Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Strangest Dreams

I've been having the strangest dreams throughout my afternoon naps... Today, I dreamed that I bought $200 worth of Safeway groceries, which is totally impossible 'cause I don't have enough space in the rear baskets of my bike for that amount of stuff. But that's not the wierdest part. The wierdest part comes when I discover that my bike was stolen -- "!!!" is exactly how I feel. (Seems like in the new internet lingo, "!!!" > using words in order to express shock, anxiety, and nervousness. Perhaps each exclamation mark represents one of these feelings each!) And so I panic, panic and then walk back in angrily, only to walk back out (when double-checking) to find that it's still there! What the...

At this instance, I wake up, and I realize that my heart was racing, as if it all really did happen. But then when I look outside of my window down to where I usually park my bike at home, I find it never happened.

Strange dreams occur, but why in my afternoon naps? Why not at night?

And why do I take 3-hour afternoon naps? If I go on like this, I'm not gonna survive U without sleeping through some afternoon lessons. Worst still, if it's a lab course, good luck... *shattering noise = glass breakage*

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TK said...

A few years ago someone stole my car. Then my replacement (I was in college at the time, thus it wasn't "new") was broken into twice in six weeks-- and all three events took place over the span of less than two years and each one actually happened in different neighborhoods(I moved a lot in college)... Spokane's not a good place to live if you are particularly attached to your car, apparently.

Anyway, the point is that after my car was stolen, I always had to look out my window every morning before I could go shower to make sure it was still there. And then when it was broken into I started having dreams that it had been stolen or that all the windows were smashed in... they were SO REAL! I'd wake up feeling panicked and stumble out of bed to the window to make sure it was still there. It sucked, honestly. But I noticed you said your bike was stolen so I am assuming that's what's behind your dreams.

It still sucks a little because I still have a little panic moment when I do silly things like forget where I parked and then go down the wrong row and my car's not there.

Thieves piss me off.