Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pot-Luck Sunday

Finally! I play host for the first time. So exciting. I wonder what the pot-luck will turn out to be like... Invited most of the guys from bible study:
  1. Zhang Yi
  2. Li Jia
  3. Guo Jing
  4. Lulu Qiu
  5. Jane Jiang
  6. Liang Xuyue
  7. Wang Liang
Quite a good mix of people. Oh, and Wang Liang isn't from bible study; he and I met by accident at a party gathering by my roommate. Nowadays, I've invited him over almost nightly for studying. Pretty effective.

Oooh..... I hope I can create a good amount of ideas for games to play during the pot-luck gathering. Gee.

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