Thursday, May 25, 2006


I had a discussion with Wang Liang today, and he touched on the topic of passion... especially his passion to become a doctor. I found that he's got tons of interesting viewpoints, one of them being this:

When considering the application for med school or any other thing, don't go in search of what they want, rather, work with what you've got. After all, they're not out to look for molds of people to fit into what they've got; rather, they're out to create diversity amongst the people they educate. So work with your passions first, find what you really want to do, and then go all out and do it. Don't be bound by the requirements of that program that you want to enter; rather, based on what your passions are, go on and impress the interviewing committee about what you've accomplished within the framework of your passions. This beats the others who conform themselves so strictly to the requirements given.

So on reflection, I found it's about your passion. Nothing else but your passion. What exactly is your passion?

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