Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I know I'm guilty of not paying attention in class right now, but I am so excited for the coming few days.

First, BIOL240.

After talking with Celeste about some possible experiments that could be done, I found that a pulse-chase experiment sounds like a pretty exciting thing to do. I'm going to bring that out for discussion with my BIOL240 group mates.

Next, LSC Lab.

Tomorrow's the day that I go in for an interview with Dr. Ninan Abraham and his lab. Exciting!!! But I don't know how it'll go, or whether I'll be hired as a volunteer there. *crosses fingers*

Finally, going back to regular hours of sleep.

After being completely brutalized by the previous week's essay, I'm now praying for strength and discipline not to take afternoon naps and to sleep at 10.30 pm again. Hopefully, after today's full day of classes, that will come true.

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