Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Will Get There

So today, I finished all of my first mid-terms. With CPSC111 going well, STAT200 going well, and BIOL200 going okay, I'm glad to have survived them all. Granted, I do have an easier time than my peers, some of whom have to go through mid-terms every week... But in the long-run, all exams do take a toll on us to some degree, don't they?

I'm only glad to have been blessed with the wisdom to manage my time, and the prudence to keep myself nourished and rested during this week. Having gone through with the worship team on Sunday as well (and completely throwing myself in the arms of God and enjoying it in the process), I guess I have also been blessed with a time of peace prior to the buildup of this mid-term. My homework isn't in some messy disarray either, and readings are the only thing that I really do need to catch up on.

In retrospect, I have pulled through, and I have gone through it all. Not by my strength alone, that is the reminder I have for myself, though. It is through the Higher Power alone that I can do this without wrecking myself.

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