Sunday, October 14, 2007

Satisfaction, Elation

Today was my first day up with the worship team. And to readers of this blog who used to know that I was a staunch atheist and still don't know otherwise, you will be stunned to read that first sentence.

Anyways, first day up with them, and it felt amazing. This kind of service is the kind of service which I think I'm most suited for - teamwork, complementing each other, making things work. I remember working through the 2nd last song, I think it was And Can It Be - this time round, having a drummer behind me got my harmony going a lot better. After that song, I was happy. I was satisfied, and I smiled, feeling the peace within my heart.

I figure now, that with that peace inside me, I can settle down to look through the next four things on my list:
  1. Hume - PHIL230A
  2. Mid-Term - BIOL200
  3. Lab - CPSC111
  4. Assignments - BIOL240
Pray that I will get through them all.

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