Monday, June 18, 2007

Friends places to go:

So after visiting a number of people, it's time to make a list of and count down how many more people's places I have to go to for food this summer.

-Charles: "mine" =P [Korean BBQ was awesome man! Thanks for the invite; if you need a sleepover during the summer, just let me know! Oh, and I have to crash your place again.=P]
-Cindy: Taiwanese food. Oh well, it's really an excuse for "just the four of us" to gather again. In White Rock too.
-Rachel: Real Chinese food.... yummy... [Ahh, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and food. Thanks for inviting me over for dinner!]
-Irfan: Ooh man, I can't wait to taste authentic Indian food!
-Leon: Oh well, I'll be moving in with you, so no worries about it.
-Si Rim: One more go at your mom's awesome Korean dishes man! And jamming too. Call Rachel down - all 3 of us need to jam again.

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