Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Job = Uncertainty

It's been the first time in a while since I've been overwhelmed with emotions. I realize now, that it's really hard leaving a job I've loved and dedicated myself to for the past 10 months.

Yes, I'm leaving for greener pastures, for a lab job at the BC Cancer Research Center (BCCRC). And I am truly excited for it. I'll be heading for a place of employment where I'll be working on stuff that's unexplored, stuff that's being discovered... Exciting stuff. I once told Leon, that's what I want to be doing - something that many people can't do or won't do, 'cause that's something I view as cool.

Yet, writing the letter of resignation was so tough. There's so much I want to say to my manager, Rita, for she and Jenn have been like mothers to the store. And then there's Steven, who's really a Mr. Nice Guy, and who told me, it's perfectly okay if I go, because he'll understand the reasons why I'm leaving. I leave with a heavy heart, from a place where everybody's been so nice, a place where I've contributed my 110% almost every time I go to work. Yeah, almost -- nobody's perfect, eh?

Tomorrow I'm going in to speak to the managers. I'll have my letter on hand. Hopefully they'll let me off on 1st July, rather than 10th July. It really would help my employment with BCCRC -- I'd get to start on the project earlier, and it'll be a more regular start time of employment. I dunno. There's a lot of uncertainty in me right now.

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