Friday, June 22, 2007

Lab Volunteer --> Lab Employment

I recently sent my friend Zigang some e-mails, and she provided a number of good pieces of advice throughout. That seems to be the power of having friends who are at least 3 or 4 years older that yourself (I dunno Zigang's age, and I don't plan to publish it anyhow =P).

---June 19 2007---
Hi Zigang,

Glad to be over after 13 months, that's for sure.

I don't have any plans, really, except to continue working at Staples and enjoy the rest of my time here. I'm looking for a lab that specializes in cancer research to volunteer with, because I want to get to know about the life of a researcher and get lab working experience. It may also lead to future employment opportunities. But at this stage, it seems hard to take the first step and write in... I have a feeling that I'm afraid of rejection. I'm not sure. Maybe I'm just taking this matter too seriously.

Now that I know that Acts 26 is the most important chapter in Paul's life, I'll definitely read it up.

Have a safe flight back to Vancouver!


---June 19 2007---
Hi Eric,

Rejection is often a necessary (and dim) doorway to the hall of success. It
is also a sift for golden opportunities.

If you are given ten boxes of similar size and weight and are told that nine
are empty but one contains a present that is bigger and better than you have
ever asked for, how would you feel after opening a few empty boxes?

Enjoy pursuing your dream!



---June 22 2007---
Hi Zigang,

Thank you for letting me know about that. It awakened my senses to reality.

So after reading your e-mail, I sent another to Dr. Fumio Takei at the BC Cancer Research Center, whose work directly deals with stuff I've just learned in MICB202, Introductory Microbiology and Immunology. That was on Thursday morning. Immediately, I had a reply from him saying that I could go down to the BCCRC and meet him at his office on Friday or Tuesday. Naturally, I accepted the invitation for Friday, and called him back.

This morning (Friday), I went to the BCCRC, where surprisingly, he said that he wouldn't take any volunteers. Rather, he would be willing to take me in as a paid summer research student if any one of his graduate students or post-docs were willing to. He asked me if I could go 40 hrs/week with them until the rest of the summer ends, and I said if I were to be accepted, I would immediately hand-in my 2-weeks notice to Staples. He also showed me his facilities, and introduced me to one of his grad students and one post-doc.

Now everything hinges on whether any one of his subordinates are willing to take me in to assist them with their project. Hopefully I will get to do something really meaningful and help out a lot if I do partner with one of them.

Thanks for giving your advice!



I guess it really is valuable. I'm glad I had a chance to at least speak to the researcher Dr. Takei. Now I really hope I'll be able to work under him for the rest of the summer.

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