Friday, June 29, 2007

Last Days at Work

These last few days at work have been somewhat emotional. Understandable, given the fact that I have worked at Staples 239 for almost 10 months now... I still remembered that my first interview was given by Chris, the covering manager, and then I had my 2nd interview, by Aaron. And then bang, I was hired. It was the beginning of my relationship with the store, something that I now will cherish very dearly.

It was a place where I put in my blood, sweat, heart and soul. Well, of course not more than my academics would allow, because after all, that comes first. But everything else... One could say that my life revolved around the scheduling. Could I go for a swim? Uhh, had to see whether I had to work or not. Could I go for dinner sometime? Sorry guys, I've gotta work on that day. Next time book me a week in advance. That kind of thing.

Now I'm going full time with the BC Cancer Research Center. This is gonna be fun, I'll get to work in a lab for real. But that means I'll be quitting from the store, Staples 239. Am I ready to move on from this job at which I've gotten comfortable with?

It's cliche, but one doesn't know what one's got until one's lost it. At times I took my job for granted, thinking I'd always be able to keep it, that I'd be able to excel at it. Well, it turns out no. These few days, I've been forced to sit down and think about what I've achieved at the store, what I've not achieved at the store, and what I can leave behind for future employees that come through the store. Well, I've decided on it.

I will leave a report on my HP training. Maybe I've already mentioned that. But I added in a small bit today. I added in a list of pointers to increase the effectiveness of the salespeople at the store. Some sharing of my own experience. I hope it leaves behind a legacy that can be continued - that others who come by will care enough for the business to leave behind their experiences for others.

Danielle, one of my co-workers who has made work much more fun and enjoyable for me, asked me to print something in color from the color laser that I just bought (that cost will be shared between me and Leon). I gave her a photo of the Morinaga candies arranged in a smiley face, printed on nice paper and with a note to go with it too. I'll miss working with her, that's for sure.

Tomorrow will be my last shift with the store. Well, technically later on today. But you get the point.

It will be my last shift with Steven, Vanessa, Chad, Carolyn, Sean, Colin, Sheen, Graeme, Anita, Clifton and Will. These are the people I will meet throughout the day. It will be my last closing shift with Colin, Chad, Graeme and Vanessa. These are the people I will close the store with. Steve, or maybe Rita as well. I hope everything goes well for them... and I'll have to get used to not seeing them around.

Au revoir, Staples 239.


On another note, I reviewed the offer of employment that was sent to me today. And that definitely cheered me up a bit. I have the option to go beyond summer, by mutual consent. That means I will have to make sure I'm an irresistible proposition for Dr. Takei to let me continue at his lab.

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