Friday, June 29, 2007

My Last Day At Staples

These last few entries, I know, have been boring. They've focused and revolved around my feelings. But this time, I'll share something special that happened today.

I ended my time at the store with a bang. Two sales, one camera perfect sale with all the class attachments (minus ESP), and another laptop sale with an ESP. Well, really the camera sale was Chad's, I just chipped in when I could. The gentlemen was really nice, really patient, and so I let Chad deal with him, but I focused on doing my last ever closing announcement with the store. Slow, cautious, with emotion. I wonder if I'll ever go back and work there. Maybe, maybe not. I do know I'll pop by and get things, but it's different being the customer, as opposed to being the salesman. I'm very sure Chad will fill in my shoes very quickly.

Best thing is, Steve, like a really big brother or a very young dad, whipped out his camera and got us photos, photos of everybody together at Copy Center! I will definitely want one of them... I'm leaving my contact information with the store, just in case anybody there wants to contact me.

To Steve: It was really great working with you. You're really my favorite manager, for I've not met another manager effective and yet friendly at the same time. I wish you all the best in your Staples career.

To Sheen: You're a great consultant man. I'll keep the offer open to rejoin the store later in the year if I have the time. And don't forget, we go exercising after your GRE!

To Chad: You'll become an awesome salesperson in no time. Keep going, you'll reach there soon!

To Vanessa: I'm gonna miss poking you man... And I'm sure you'll miss punching me. =P

To Graeme: Good luck with your next job! I wish you all the best, may you achieve your dreams step by step.

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Tony said...

Staples rocks

143 for life!