Saturday, July 08, 2006

An Entry In The Life Of...

Well, myself. I've finally decided to write a proper entry detailing everything that happened today, plus my own thoughts. And I think I'll structure it properly, for once.

A Good Start
Events: Finally, I made a good start to the day. I slept early last night (midnight, rather than 3AM), and then I woke up early too (8AM, not 10AM). I swear I'll sleep early tonight, which means I must finish typing this entry before 11.30PM. Woke up, took a shower, and settled down to read my morning e-mail. This routine's become ingrained in me; I'll not change it for a while.

Thoughts: It feels good to sleep and wake early. Somehow, it feels disciplined too. I must keep this up.

The Climax Of The Day
Events: After updating the Lynn Valley DQ website, I went on to rollerblade to the UBC Rec Center for my Hung Gar Kung Fu class. Boy, this was a tiring one. We had to complete the Fook Fu Fist style (伏虎拳术) 44 times - all because it's two guys' birthdays, one turning 21, one turning 23. You do the math. Well, whatever it is, it was a very, very tiring exercise, and I barely could rollerblade back home at my usual speed. I hope I wake up with aching muscles tomorrow, though, for that would indicate that I've grown again - in muscle-mass, not fat-mass.

Thoughts: A tiring but well-disciplined morning and mid-day. Feels good.

An Afternoon of Music
Events: So after cooking some macaroni for lunch, I set off to the Chapel for choir practice. Suddenly, I'm a music expert; I've been teaching the reading of musical scores, albeit it's just some basics. Today's lesson was about the sharp and flat key signs, and how they're supposed to be read. Additionally, I gave some more practice identifying notes on the scores, and
included identifying flats and sharps too.

Following that, we went on to practice our singing, and then tried out one song for the day. Lots of errors to correct:
  1. Cannot hold notes
  2. Starting on the wrong key if no note is given as a guide.
  3. Singing off-tune.
  4. Not being able to catch up with the speed.
That, we continue on with in next week's practice.

Thoughts: Music lifts the soul, but only if done right. In my mind, I keep debating whether to tell Zhang Yi that we should actually reduce the number of people who perform, so that Acapella can be done most effectively. His vision, however, is to make the choir group all-inclusive, so everybody may join in. I guess our visions are different, since we're coming in from two different perspectives. I haven't a problem with his desire to have more people in the group; technically, however, it makes things more difficult to control.

A Busy Night
Events: And so I continue on with more music. Accompanied for the group at night, but made some blunders here and there. Oh gee. Well... part and parcel of life. After that, I left for home without staying on with the Youth Group, and completed parts of my Linguistics exercise. Tomorrow, I complete the rest with Sheen at the Computer Science labs -- hope it'll be a productive time with him. And then I bummed out the rest of the night dreaming about getting a MacBook. Gee....

Thoughts: Too busy to think. I think... well, what an oxymoron there... that I should get some sleep for tomorrow. Hahahaha...

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