Sunday, July 23, 2006

A New Start

July 26th is coming, and that's when I embark on a new start.

It won't be a dramatic new start. It'll be gradual, slow. I resolve here to change myself, renew myself, make myself better.

August will come, and I will push through Philosophy, studiously reading my textbook before classes. No more slacking.

August will come, and I will pack up my stuff, bit by bit, day by day, awaiting September 2, when I move to Totem Park.

August will come, and I will wrap up Ambrose's DQ website. He's been a great boss, and I hope I have done my work to satisfy him.

August will come, and I will search for a mini-sized refrigerator for my dorm room. Must be second-hand, no brand-news.

August will come, and I will buy all my textbooks and lab manuals for Science One, and prepare myself for the first term of lessons by noting my science definitions and formulas before classes start.

August will come, and I will read through additional resources to improve my study habits.

August will come, but I will not forget Jen, Elise and Rohini, great friends who walked through Asian Studies, my first class, with me.

August will come.

Grant me strength to follow through my resolutions. Grant me strength to develop my personal discipline.

Help me.

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