Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Today, I went to the UBC Bookstore to get my textbooks. All of them are used; thankfully, I went early (this is REALLY early... classes don't start until September), so there were stocks of used texts for most of what I needed. The only exception was Biology, where used books weren't available. I asked the lady at the counter, and she said, "Wait till August. There'll be more books coming in at that time." Oh well, it'll still be early in August.

Then, I went to the Mac section and played around more with the MacBook. It's just GOREGOUS! Simple and clean design, powerful on the inside, fully-featured. Gee... And it fits well in my bag too! Ah well, that's out of point.

Then, I saw Call of Duty on one of the PowerMacs just behind the MacBook. Man, I stayed there for an entire hour playing on it. Gee whiz. Whatever it is, it's the end of games for today.

Jeepers, I'm feeling creepily sleepy. And it's 1pm in the afternoon now. Sheesh.

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