Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Oh man, I've just flipped through my textbooks and I've found: these are repeats of my A level course. (!!!) Calculus is single-variable, has all the stuff I did for integration and differentiation; Chemistry has the exact same topics, and Physics... well, what does one expect from Physics?!?! Only the labs seem to be different; everything else seems to be the same.

Then again, there is an advantage. I'll know how to study for these topics, since I've covered them once. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my pre-readings out real quickly, and grasp the concepts faster than the rest.


mada said...

yo~~dude u doin fine?? the mighty max here ^^

Eric said...

Ya man, Max the man!

Doing fine here in Vancouver... haha... how about you? Concert's coming, and you're gonna be a STAR! Congrats! ;-)

Come visit often, ya?