Friday, July 07, 2006

Old? How old is old?

Really, for a computer, what age is considered old? Is it 3 years? Is it 5 years? Is it 6 years? Is it 10?

Trusty old pal - 5 years old now. But he's behaving old. Everything's slowed down. I can't run multiple apps like I used to, simply because the demands of modern apps are too taxing on my Fujitsu. Sometimes, Firefox slows to a crawl; at other times, it simply doesn't respond for 3 or 4 minutes at one go. Fireworks can't handle high-resolution images without hanging for at least 2 minutes everytime I change from vector tools to bitmap tools. When I do work on OpenOffice Writer for schoolwork, I need Firefox open with it too to do research - and then my com slows down even more.

Here's the big catch: when I do web design and development, involving Dreamweaver, Firefox, Flash, Fireworks and OpenOffice Writer and Calc all open at the same time... voila, welcome to snail nation.

In other words, my computer sounds old, looks old, and behaves old... but is that a justification to get a new computer? Or should I simply wait till my system permanently crashes and I lose all my data before I get a new computer? Or should I get one soon, and move all my data there first, and then wait for my old com to crash?

Somebody give me an answer...

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minghan said...

Backup your data regularly, such as on an external hard drive (recommended) or CD - use a sync program to do this (e.g. 'allway sync') You may want to consider reformating your computer because over these years, mostly likely your comp has accumulated junk in the registry and also in the directory system. Another thing is that you may also want to consider defragmenting your hard drive, but that will take ages, literally.