Monday, July 10, 2006

An Unusual Sunday

It's 1.57am now, and I'm still up. This entry will be short.

World Cup Final
Events: I woke up this morning eagerly awaiting the World Cup finals. And I was cheering on France, the favorites to win this World Cup final. Pity, though, after 120 minutes of exciting play, they bowed out on penalties to let Italy win 5-3. What a sad moment for France... especially Zizou, who, very interestingly, head-butted an Italian player in the chest at the 110th minute. It's something I wouldn't want to speculate on why, but it landed him the red card. What a way to exit the world soccer stage - by getting a red card.

Thoughts: An exciting play that was marred by Zizou's red-card exit. I feel sad for him. But one must admire the Italian spirit to overcome their domestic struggles and hold out to defeat France. Good play.

An Afternoon of Studying
Events: Even in the midst of France's World Cup disappointment, life still has to go on. Hence, I went to meet Sheen to go to the computer lab to work on our Linguistics assignments. They went pretty smoothly, and we managed to crack a few questions, althought I'm not sure we answered them correctly. But never mind, it was good enough.

Sheen works at Staples, and told me he could get me a laptop at 35% discount if I wanted one... condition: it has to be a Staples PC. PeeCee!!! NOOOO!!! Never mind, if I really can't get a Mac, I'll consider a PC.

Thoughts: Average. I don't have feelings about work. Haha...

Dinner with Relatives
Events: So after studying, I went to the bus loop to meet Uncle Praphant and Patrick. They're seemingly the most 'normal' in my extended family from my dad's side. But during dinner, what was ordered was the most exotic Chinese food I've ever had at one table - this monster-sized crab. Eeeewwwww...... I politely rejected to eat it. Other stuff was more normal: soy-sauce chicken, noodles, wintermelon soup, lamb spare ribs... the only vegetable dish was dou miao. I promptly cleaned up the dou miao (of course offering them copious helpings too), and then went off to their hotel to pick up my adaptor. Then I went off, and went home.

Thoughts: Relieved to know that they're okay, and relieved to be home.

Working into the Night
Events: After coming home, I finally received a reply from my boss, and updated the DQ website accordingly. That took me all the way to 1.30 AM in the morning... time to sleep...

Thoughts: Today was unusual, because I'd usually have nothing on, and hence have a free day to myself. Not anymore, it seems.

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