Monday, July 31, 2006


Yeah!!!! I finally scored in a soccer match. A foot placed at the right spot, and the goalie can't do a single thing about it.

It was a good pass to me from the side. I was in front of the goal, just a yard or two. Then, I saw the ball come in, and stuck out my foot - next moment I knew, I saw the ball cross the line between the two cones. RAWKS!

Another attempt came, when I received the ball from Jason, who was in the midfield. I saw the opportune moment, for there were no defenders in front of me; only the goalie was standing there. I made a mad dash for the goal, one on one with the goal keeper. I managed to chip the ball past him into the goal... but it was too high! It went over his waist... But then by the nature of our rules, we don't allow goalies to use their hands, so it's fair. Aiya, if only we had the regular goal posts, that'd solve all the problems. Nevertheless, THANKS J FOR A GREAT PASS! YEAH!

The third chance that I had was a missed chance. I had a cross from a teammate... only for it to go a bit past me. I had stuck my leg out, but it wasn't enough. Later, I realized that he thought I was an opposing defender, so he wanted to get the ball past me instead. Oh well, next time it'll be better.

My last chance was the least impressive. I had the ball, dribbled it up, wanted to take a shot, but the goalie simply shut his legs and blocked the ball. Gee, if we could shoot higher, I'd definitely want to aim high, for I could have gotten it in. Never mind, I'll try to convince those guys next week.

So all in all, I found out that those guys from China play every Sunday, 4pm. I'm joining them.

Random Thought: They actually thought I was Taiwanese! Gee...


Audrey said...

That's probably because you're fair. You DO look very... Chinese. What instrument is that you're trying to learn flight of the bumblebee on, anyway? I'm sorta lost.

Eric said...

Hmmm... Well two games with them later, and I've definitely grown considerably darker.

I'm learning it on the piano. Haven't been practising lately, though, coz of my hectic schedule. But I usually get a chance on Saturdays.

Haha, I've managed to get through the first two pages already. The song's quite logical, now that I think about it.