Saturday, July 15, 2006

Late Night Post

Yeah, it's quite late for a post, but I couldn't help it.

(1) Justice Served
So the Italians aren't gonna get any clemency from their own internal investigational body. I just learned that Juventus, AC Milan, Lorenzia and Florentino have all been punished for their corruption. Well, serves them right. I just hope the admirable players of the Italian team, who must be commended for their resilience in adversity, even though they beat France, will get good teams to ply their trade in. Otherwise, this'll spell disaster for the football world - the loss of good talent.

(2) Switching
I'm finally switching! Made up my mind today. Hehehe...

(3) Busy weekend
It'll be busy. That's for sure. Placing my order for my switch. Martial arts class. Leading the choir, with the limited skill that I've got, and also doing accompaniment for the evening gathering. After that, I depart for home, where I continue on my essay. More essay writing on Sunday. Reading a few chapters for Linguistics class. More research on Monday. More writing too. Oh well, spilled over into the weekdays.

(4) Birthday
Leon returns on my birthday. Haha... what a coincidence. Anyways, we're gonna have a meal and celebrate his return and my birthday concurrently. Neat. 2 days later, my switch should have arrived. Can't wait.......

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